The mission of Enaf is to be the best printing company that makes good use of innovative IT solutions. To provide, both domestic and overseas, Customers with world-class products and prime quality services. To create a rewarding work environment for its employees as well as to set ethical business standards.

Having become specialists in the area of printing for businesses- needs, we know how important it is to our Customers to keep their good name and reputation in the market place. Therefore, not only do we emphasize the importance of high quality products, we also pay attention to the quality of services we provide. We always do our best to learn our Customers- needs in order to offer them solutions that will optimize their spending as well as guarantee delivery that meets deadlines. Due to our services available on-line, we are able to reach our Customers wherever they are. Our well-qualified sales force makes mutual contacts easier and helps to solve problems that may arise on a daily basis. While building commercial contacts, we aim at establishing close relationships and cooperation based on partnership, together with professional customer service.

The 5x9online system - this is the technologically advanced software that we created on the basis of our company's team experience. Our graphic designers, programmers and managers work on new solutions together. Despite that these solutions may not be visible on an everyday basis, they enable continuous growth of our system, meeting the Customers- needs, what in turn leads to making the system a more universal tool.

The professionally trained staff of our printing house, equipped with specialized printing machines to produce business cards, company letterheads, and envelopes, is a guarantee for our Customers. The unique production solutions make it possible to execute orders which deadlines are set at an hourly basis. Our technology secures repetitiveness and production quality that always meets the highest standards.

The 5x9online system and the printing house - is not all. We create and help to use corporate visualizations. We support our Customers in choosing materials and print production technology, always trying to use the already created and established image to the fullest extent.